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  • ACLL – Archive of Celtic Latin Literature
  • ASNC - Converting the Isles – An International Network for the Study of Conversion to Christianity in the Insular World
  • CELT – Corpus of Electronic Texts
  • CODECS – Online database and e-resources for Celtic Studies
  • Corpus corporum - Repositorium operum Latinorum apud universitatem Turicensem
  • eDIL – electronic Dictionary of Irish Language
  • FIC - The Foundations of Irish Culture: Irish Manuscripts on the Continent AD 600 – AD 850
  • Gothic Past: Visual Archive of Gothic Architecture and Sculpture in Ireland
  • ISOS - Irish Script on Screen
  • Mapping Death: People, Boundaries and Territories in Ireland, 1st to 8th centuries AD
  • MIRABILE – Digital Archives for Medieval Culture
  • MO - Monastic Manuscript Project
  • MONASTICON HIBERNICUM PROJECT - Early Christian Ecclesiastical Settlement in Ireland 5th to 12th Centuries
  • Monastic Ireland: A Guide to Ireland's Medieval Past
  • Monastic Wales
  • RELMIN - Recueille, étudie et publie des textes juridiques définissant le statut des minorités religieuses dans l’Europe médiévale
  • St Patrick’s Confessio
  • TLH - Theasaurus Linguae Hibernicae

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